Workplace Drug Testing - When is it legal?

by Secured Workplace Solutions on March 17th, 2012

Pre-employment drug testing is a common condition for a job offer. But once an employee is hired, when is it legal to ask for a drug test at work?

State laws often limit the situations in which an employer can conduct drug testing of current employees. In general, they include situations in which safety is an issue, or when an employer suspects an employee of illegal drug use. In all cases, an employer should have a written drug-testing policy.

Here are three scenarios in which drug testing at work is generally legal:

1. The job requires it, or poses safety risks.

State and federal regulations require workers in certain professions, like airline pilots and commercial truck drivers, to submit to random drug testing during employment.

Jobs with inherent safety risks, like the operation of heavy machinery, may also call for random or periodic drug testing, as specified in a written policy. But some states like California prohibit most types of random drug testing. You may want to check with a local employment attorney to see what the laws are where you live.

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