Corporate Wellness Programs

Increasing Your Corporate Health Through Wellness!

Our experience in Corporate Wellness has allowed our customers to see first-hand that a dedicated, company-specific wellness program can be cost effective and also employee motivational. Our customers are as varied as our services and range from large multi-leveled organizations to small privately held companies.

The benefits for the organization and the employees are significant. Medical coverage is 99% reactive to disease, injury or illness. A corporate wellness program is a proactive approach to health care. By addressing and preventing future risk factors, you are being preventive. Companies who incorporate wellness programs witness ROI savings in medical care costs, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, and a higher rate of employee retention. Studies have shown that for every $1 spent in a corporate wellness program there was an average of $3 return on investment.

We have a portfolio of solutions that you may select from to customize your program. Your wellness program is tailored to your needs. Our program can be as extensive or minimal as you desire. Regardless they will always be meaningful.

After an initial consultation with you, we will design a program that meets your costs and concerns. The final program is performed on your site to assist in minimizing lost time with your employees, however if it is more convenient your employees can be seen at one of our locations.

Corporate Wellness Programs

The benefits of implementing a corporate wellness program for a organization and it's employees are significant. They can be counted in terms of dollar savings, employee satisfaction and support. An employer that shows that it cares about it's employees sets an example for those employees to becoming caring. The company will also find that it is measurable in terms of increased employee productivity and reduction of lost or sick time.

We have a portfolio of solutions that can be selected from to customize your company wellness program. Your program is tailored to your needs and can be as extensive or minimal as you desire. Regardless they will always be meaningful.

Biometric Screening - Individual Wellness Programs

A biometric screening is a short health examination that determines the risk level of a person for certain diseases and medical conditions. It can identify any significant cardiovascular or nervous system problems. It includes several biometric measures including: cholesterol levels for full lipid panel and glucose; blood pressure; blood glucose levels and also includes a measurement of height, weight and body mass index (BMI).

One of the key benefits of getting a biometric screening is that it allows the patient to learn about theirr current health status, and determine their risk for common diseases including diabetes, heart disease, asthma and other medical conditions.

Influenza Innoculations

The core benefit of a flu shot program is that it provides protection to the population from viruses that can, at worst times be lethal and at other times extremely bothersome to one's health. The program offers convenience to the individuals who elect to use it as well as minimizing costs.

The CDC recommends annual influenza immunization for everyone 6 months of age and older. Getting vaccinated against the flu each year is one of the most important steps anyone can take to help insulate themselves from flu and its complications.

DOT and Non DOT Physicals

It is mandated by federal guidelines that anyone applying for a CDL must pass the DOT physical exam. The purpose of this test is to check whether an applicant is fit enough to drive safely now and in the foreseable future.

Successfully passing the exam usually means you only have to take the exam in 24 months time, unless you have some health problem which might become worse in the future, in which case the you’ll have to take the exam sooner.

Here are the basic requirements for passing the DOT physical exam.

STD Testing

Closing your eyes won't make an STD go away... There are more than 25 diseases that are transmitted through sexual activity. Other than HIV, the most common STDs in the United States are chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, genital herpes, human papillomavirus, hepatitis B, trichomoniasis, and bacterial vaginosis.

There are remedies and cures for STD's. Stop worrying or being anxious... Get tested today

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Six Key Risk Factors

  • Blood Pressure
  • Body fat percentage
  • LDL/HDL Cholesterol
  • Glucose
  • Triglycerides
  • Nicotine

Corporate Wellness Benefits

Here are a few reasons why we think it would be advatageous to invest in a corporate health program:

  • Create a culture of health
  • Support employee morale
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Decrease your absenteeism
  • Reduce the costs of your employee health insurance
  • Positively impact your bottom line

Interested in a FREE consultation on implementing a wellness program for your company?

Things to Consider When Planning Your Program:

  • Introduction of Your Staff To "Wellness"
  • How to market the program to your employees
  • Cost/Benefit Ratio
  • Appointment of an in-house coordinator
  • Facilities to be used for the program
  • How extensive the program will be?
  • Do you want to incorporate "Life Style" questionnaires?
  • The intensity level of the testing to be performed
  • Do you want medical counselling?
  • Would you like any breakout sessions for smoking cessation, how about cholesterol testing or routine blood chemistry analysis?
  • Would you like to plan an exercise program
  • What kind of followup program would you like for your employees?
  • Are stress clinics important to you?

What are the basic requirements for passing a DOT physical exam?

  • With or without vision corrections, each eye, as well as both eyes combined, need to have 20/40 vision.
  • Ability to distinguish color is necessary.
  • Should be able to perceive a forced whisper at a distance of at least 5 feet.
  • Blood pressure has to be lower than 160/100. Prescription medication to control blood pressure is permitted.
  • An applicant can have diabetes which is controlled through diet or medication. Diabetes which is controlled though insulin injections is not premitted
  • The maximum level of blood sugar an applicant is allowed to have is 200.
  • Use of schedule 1 drugs is strictly disallowed
  • If you are currently diagnosed with a cardiovascular disease such as collapse, congestive cardiac failure or cardiac insufficiency, then you will have to provide the Medical Examiner with a stress test as well as with a note from your physician stating that you are able to drive a commercial motor vehicle without restrictions.